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FindIt on iPhone

Universal search for your emails and files

Search through all your email and cloud storage accounts in a more natural and visual way. Not sure where a file is located? It doesn't matter! FindIt searches across multiple accounts simultaneously.

FindIt File Type Filter

Filter by file type

Looking for a a particular presentation, a spreadsheet, or a funny cat picture that was emailed to you? Filtering by file type makes it a breeze!

FindIt Time Filter on Android

FindIt makes time visual

Knowing when you received or created something can be just as powerful as knowing what it is or who you are communicating with. Finding something from 5 years ago is just as easy as finding something from yesterday!

Share with FindIt on iPhone

Swipe to share

Sharing is intuitive and remarkably easy with FindIt. Once you find what you need, share it with your contacts or post it on your social networks

FindIt Results on iPhone

Search the way you think!

See everything you are looking for in a simple list. Want to refine your search? Filter further by file type, time, people, or keyword.

We support



Whether you have one or a dozen Gmail or Google Apps accounts, FindIt has your back! Search them all faster than ever.



Quickly find those pictures, documents, or shared  files on Dropbox with our visual search filters.



Easily search for your business documents, spreadsheet, and presentations across Google Drive to get to the file you need when you need it.

Yahoo Mail


Due to popular demand, Yahoo Mail is on the way!



Hotmail, Live,, Office 365... wow Microsoft, that's a lot of different email accounts! Well, we'll support all those soon as well!



We're going to make your favorite note taking app better than ever! Soon you'll be able to search Evernote using the power of FindIt!

FindIt in the news

The Next Web

“It’s a beautifully designed app, one that currently connects with Gmail, Google Drive and Dropbox, though there is scope for opening this up to additional cloud-based services in the future.”  


“Chances are you don’t just use one service to store all your important files (and if you do, you probably shouldn’t). Searching them can be a hassle, though. FindIt simplifies the process.”

TechCrunch FindIt

“This is easier than swiping through a long list of results on your phone, which is what you have to do today when using some competing apps, or even your native mail client, or the […]


“FindIt has built a compelling offering that solves a number of the problems inherent in search on mobile devices.”

Make Use Of

“FindIt is a slick mobile app for iOS and Android that turns searching through Gmail, Google Drive and Dropbox into an easy and intuitive experience.”    

App Central

FindIt named an App of the Week on Canadian Television!